Medicare Is A Lot Like Alphabet Soup

Once you become eligible for Medicare, either by disability or by turning 65, you have some choices to make. Should you…

➙Stick with original Medicare?
➙Get a Medicare Advantage Plan?
➙Enroll in a Medigap plan?
➙Keep or leave an employer plan?

You may be receiving lots of mailers from insurance companies touting their plan and urging you to call and schedule a "free" appointment or phone consultation. Keep in mind that individual companies have their specific plans and no others. They have a vested interest in encouraging you to sign up with them.

When it comes to Medigap or Medicare Advantage, talk to one of the Professors. We are Insurance Brokers representing 30 different companies to give you choices. We work with Colorado residents and are also licensed in: AZ, CA, GA, HI, KY, NE, NM, OH, KS, MI, SD and PA to help YOU find effective solutions for coverage. We will give you two perspectives: one from 30,000 feet and one on the ground. We look at all the choices you have and show you how to filter out the noise from the pure signal. There is lots of noise from insurance carriers who want your name on their dotted line. Take time to weigh your choices.

You have rights concerning your Medicare coverage and you have options concerning which coverage you choose. The Professors will take time to make sure you are fully aware of your rights, and once you are clear, we will layout your options for you.

If you want a Professor to speak to your group or organization, there is no charge. After the talk, you and your group will be clear about your Medicare rights. You will have the necessary information for making an intelligent decision on future healthcare.